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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Explorer - A Totally New Electronic Musical Instrument In Recording

Mr. Bach Meets Batman
A Totally New Electronic Musical Instrument In Recording
Tom Hazleton and Gene Ciszek

Here we have a fun promotional LP created by Rocky Mount Instruments (Subsidiary of Allen Organ Company) to help market The Explorer II.

From the back cover: Explorer II is a new musical instrument weighing approximately 85 lbs. While this instrument physically resembles some of the so-called combo organs which have appeared on the market in recent years, it is really not an organ. When a key is depressed, electronic circuits are actuated in the manner of an electronic organ. However, when you hear Explorer perform, you will know that it is a different "breed of cat".

Not to take away from any historical importance that organ collectors may embrace, this album features substandard engineering and a collection of light pop tunes presented in a cheesy lounge fashion due to the limitations of the organ/drum duo and, frankly, the thin stabbing sound of the Explorer. Unintended as it may be, the results still make for a great collectible lounge album.

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  1. I remember reading that Robert Moog, inventor of the Moog Synthesizer in the 1960s, had to be on the defensive when people first said his analog synthesizers were not "real instruments", as these short-sighted people believed that for an instrument to be considered "real" it had to be made of wood and metal by a craftsman (like pianos, violins, etc.). His answer was that each of his synthesizers WAS painstakingly hand made and was every bit a "real instrument". Today, we realize that Bob Moog's instruments, though made from electronic circuits rather than wood and strings, started a revolution in new sounds that changed the music industry. Even with the amazing sounds that digital synthesizers produce today, analog synthesizers still hold a niche among many musicians, and are used in popular recordings.


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