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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tony Mottola Joins The Guitar Underground

Tony Mottola Joins The Guitar Underground
Enoch Light Presents
Producer: Enoch Light
Arrangements: Tony Mottola
Project 3 Total Sound Stereo

This one is available online for purchase/download so I will not be posting a sample. Sorry!

From the back cover: It's all here. The sounds, the styles, the songs that mean Today. Wrapped in one gorgeous package. The new, different instrumental sound that identifies the fabulous "Guitar Underground." The world-famous artistry of Tony Mottola. And the songs that make that excitement in today's music.

I can't say that Tony explored the "guitar underground" before he recorded this album. This is one of those albums a teen might have bought in the hopes that he/she was going to experience something more... well... more "today". However, the vibe is a nice extension of the Command Record/Enoch Light's 60s light pop sound. And there are a number of groovy tracks on album to enjoy including the last track found on the B side titled Guitar Underground.

For a wild Mottla track, check out Guitar U.S.A.

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