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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hair - The Ray Bloch Singers

The Ray Bloch Singers
Ambassador S98084

From the back cover: The Ray Bloch Singers "groove" with the mother earth sound of this "American tribal love-rock" musical with these songs of today's involvement... HAIR is a broadway smash! A continuous happening – love and humanity is "what it's all about". Throwing off the shackles and conformity of a hypocritical society. "HAIR" is the tremendous vitality and enthusiasm of the youth of today!

Have you wondered what would happen if a group of easy listening singers and the session musicians who backed them went for a swim in a vat of LSD?

This LP sounds like a group of kids making a high school musical. Don't get me wrong... this record is incredible and I will be adding it to my stack of all time strange music favorites.

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