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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Julie Driscoll

Julie Driscoll
Spring Board SPB-4043

This is my first exposure to Driscoll. I purchased the album because of the make-up job and the "downer" song titles. I thought something had to be happening on the vinyl. And what a terrific vocalist Driscoll is. After reading her wiki page I find out that since the 70s she "concentrated on experimental vocal music".

There is a note on the jacket that the tracks "have been perviously released". You can tell that side two tracks were release somewhat earlier than side one and tend to be more "60s" while side one tracks are more "emotive", foreshadowing, if I may be so bold, New Wave song writing and vocal trends. Side one tracks are available purchase/digital download. I couldn't find side two tracks online. However, it's probably best that I don't post a sample.

I Know You Love Me Not
I Didn't Want To Have To Do It
If You Should Ever Leave Me
Don't Do It No More
I Don't Know Where You Are
Shadows Of You
Baby Take Me
Baby, Baby

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