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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nothing But Percussion Vol. 2 - Bobby Christian

The Japanese Temple
Nothing But Percussion, Volume 2
Composed and Conducted By Bobby Christian
Westminster WP-6131

Side one of this record features a stunning musical journey titled Mt. Fujiyama Suite. The sample track posted above is from that side is titled The Japanese Temple. Exotica or simply experimental, it was the surprise find in this weeks thrift picks.

Side two features a collection titled Percussion In Velvet. I believe that this album is a reissue of a Westminster album titled Percussion In Velvet. Side two is slightly more "pop" but still mood setting and space age.

I didn't have much success tracking down the release date of either album or another instance of this cover image on the web. I remember seeing the first release for sale on Ebay. The cover on that album is a lot of fun. This cover image, I think, matches the vibe.

Highly recommended!

Moonlight Reflections
The Japanese Temple
Night Shadows
Speak Low
Blue Frog


  1. Most interesting. Very moody. I like it alot!

  2. This sounds wonderful. Would it be possible to get full Side A and Side B uploads?


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