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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Falla - Nights In The Garden Of Spain

El Amore Brujo
Nights In The Garden Of Spain
Orchestre du Theatre National de I'Opera de Paris
Manuel Rosenthal - Conductor
Featuring Yvonne Loriod - Piano and Amparito Peris De Pruliere - Mezzo-soprano
Westminster WST 14021

Westminster, a label founded in 1949, became popular with audiophiles due to the high quality "natural balance" single microphone recordings they issued. In the late 50s the company began to press stereophonic recordings. I can't find the exact release date for this album, but an educated guess would be 1958 or 59.

I'm not a classical music buff but I love this piece. The album cover is what first grabbed me, a lovely and mysterious photo manipulation that seems technically experimental for the period.

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  1. Wonderful! Beautiful cover and music! Exotica in feel for sure!


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