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Friday, April 15, 2011

Follow The Sun - Philip Green And His Mayfair Orchestra

Tangier Intrigue
Follow The Sun
Philip Green And His Mayfair Orchestra
Capitol Records T10118

I found one other blog post featuring this album, but with a different cover design. I wasn't able to determine the label from the scan. This capitol pressing may be a reissue of a 1958 English release.

Although there seems to be sources to download the entire album, the record still seems a touch obscure. The music is sparkling easy listening influenced by "exotica" trends of the time. There are a number of very good tracks on the album that transcend easy listening without getting crazy.

The cover image is curious. At quick glance the image is colorful and well balanced, but then you might notice the girl standing itching or adjusting her top and the fact that everyone is basically looking away. No one is interacting.


  1. Yeah, from the music you might expect to see a native couple embracing before of a sunset on the album cover, not someone's vacation picture shot by a kid.Great sample!

  2. GREAT tune you selected to sample! I really like it. I have to agree, the cover photo looks like a family vacation snap at the lake. Hardly Tangier-like!


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