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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Now Sounds SeeBurg Backround Music Library

Mrs. Robinson
And I Love Her
Now Sounds
From The Seeburg Background Music Library
A Limited Edition (Vol. II - 1971)

Here's a great obscure collector's item from The Seeburg Company who was best known for building Jukeboxes.

The jacket is marked: This Record Is Not For Sale - For Demonstration Purposes Only. The disc is 33 1/3, but the music may also have been released on 16 RPM. And Seeburg may have or have been trying to market a "system" of background music, which this record is only one sample.

This product would have been in direct competition to what Muzak (a well established source for background music) was doing at the time.

By The Time I Get To Phoenix (found on the disc) dates the record to the late 60s, probably after the Glen Campbell release in 1967.


  1. NICE version of Mrs Robinson! NICE!

  2. These remind me of a 101 strings album with the music of Simon and Garfunkel. Mrs. Robinson sounds exactly like this version on Seeburg.

    1. I hear you. That is one of my favorite 101s. I've got a sample posted here (The Boxer) because of the strange fuzz guitar bridge the engineer inserted.

  3. Second song isn't Feelin Groovy but is And I Love Her made famous by the Beatles unless I'm having an acid flashback LOL

    1. Ha! I do this occasionally... have a flashback and type in the wrong track title. Thanks!


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