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Thursday, November 18, 2010

101 Strings - Italian Hits

Italian  Hits
101 Strings
Somerset SF-14600

Great cover on this 101 Strings album. I'm not sure what these young ladies getting hammered at a bar has to do with easy listening music heard on the vinyl. They look like they are getting ready for something a little more spicy than "lush strings"...


  1. Fabulous. RaymondTVinyl gave me a copy of this last year!

  2. call me stupid, but how does one download your rips? Where's the links?

  3. Thanks for commenting Adam. Sorry, I normally mention rip links or you can find a sample under the cover image. In this case the LP must be available for purchase/download. I post samples if the LP is obscure or has never been release on CD/digital download. Otherwise, if the cover art is fun, like in this case, I just post the scan.


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