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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mission: Impossible And Other Spy Music

Theme From Star Trek
Mission: Impossible
Played By The Secret Agents
Design Records DLP-287

I found this record in the "soundtrack" bin. To the 20 something clerk that priced the album it must have appeared to be a soundtrack from the famous TV Show of the same name. I almost left it in the bin until I noted this wasn't "the" soundtrack, but covers of "spy" music by The Secret Agents. Of course, even today no one knows who The Secret Agents are, apparently the information is still classified.

And why is the Theme From Star Trek mixed in with titles like The Saboteur, The Spy Who Came In From The Cold and Win Or Lose Spy? It doesn't matter, these are all groovy songs preformed by studio musicians who barely had enough time to practice before the recording session. The music is somewhat lackluster... in a good 60s low budget way!


  1. YES this is FABULOUS. I have this, as well!

  2. I Just picked this up for .79 cents at a Goodwill thrift store(still in shrink, but opened, otherwise in NM to VG+ condition all around). I am exited to crank it out on my 70's hi-fi stereo!
    I also picked up other gems including "Ryan's Daughter" OST by Maurice Jarre wich features an "ondes martenot" on a few tracks(AMAZING SOUNDTRACK SCORE!), Doc Severinsen "Night Journey" album(1976) and "Brand New Thing" album(1977) both sleaze-funk instant classics! "The Thomas Crown Affair"(1968) OST by Michel Legrand which is unbelievable to hear! Without mentioning everything I snagged, I got this album called "THE ORGAN HAPPENINGS" the record label, I think, is called POWER. On the front upper left corner it has an image of an apple with the words "APPLE HONEY SERIES" on it, and the label name below the apple named "POWER". Here is the catch: the wrong records were in the record casing(no inner sleeves). The music I got along with the amazing 66' - 67' Twiggy style cover art with cover versions of songs like "Mellow Yellow", using hammond organ, vibes,electric bass and guitar, drums,harpsichord, as it said on the back, was not that, the records inside are actually a dbl lp by Alexander Goodrich called "At The Organ" which are all gospel songs, on the "DIPLOMAT" label. Oh well let me know if yuo know anything or have heard the album cover I described, and thanks for your killer blog, I love it.


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