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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Serenade In The Night

Mood Music
Serenade In The Night
Philip Green And His Orchestra
MGM Records E3119

I can find precious little information on Philiip Green.

I would label this album "light exotica". The track list features a number of popular exotica tunes.

The A side is somewhat more interesting than the B side, which seems to fall back more heavily on standard mood arrangements.


  1. PRETTY! How can one resist a tune called Exotica? What kind of Turntable are you recording from?

  2. An Ion iTTUSB. Inexpensive USB player into the computer.

  3. The recording quality is excellent!

  4. Thanks. I'm on my second needle... I've compared one album to the CD version and the results, to my aging ears, seem very good.

  5. When I was around 10, I received an EP version of this LP, with about 8 of its songs on two 45s. I had just gotten my first record player, and was only interested in rock 'n roll, but was nevertheless intrigued by this mini-album, a gift from a well-meaning aunt. I ended up playing it a lot. The music, especially CORNISH RHAPSODY transported me. It is extremely cinematic; I used to evoke an entire B%W movie in my head as I listened to it. I envisioned clouds of fog behind the imaginary credits, then chase scenes, murders, kissing, all within its 5 minutes of playing time. The EP also had a great cover, done in watercolors, which influenced my art for the rest of my life. Unfortunately the records didn't survive into my adulthood; I've scoured eBay for years in search of the EP, but it has proven impossible to find. I did manage to find a copy of the LP though, and it sounds still amazing to my very jaded ears. I have since learned that Cornish Rhapsody was used in a 1944 British film called LOVE STORY, which starred Stewart Granger and Margaret Lockwood. How's that for trivia?

    1. Thanks for sharing! This would also be the only copy I've seen... found in a record shop here whose owner favors and sells obscure classical.


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