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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Heart Of Hawaii

Dark Dawn
Heart Of Hawaii
Promenade Records 2223

There is no information to be found on this budget label release. The back cover is loaded with fluff about Hawaiian history and so forth. There is no mention of who the artist is on the jacket.

Most of the songs have a wonderful haunting vocal treatment that keep the tracks from becoming your average mood.

There is also an excellent and very dramatic cover of Hawaiian War Chant on this album along with a nice cover of Beyond The Reef. I chose a track from the B side, Dark Dawn, because it seemed to be the most unusual and most mood setting song on the record. Give it a chance, there is a weird little guitar break about half way through.


  1. This is a glorious old record! I've seen Promenade 45 ep's before but never an LP. I think of all the genre's out there, there are more Hawaiian themed records than any other. I have found countless different ones. This one is interesting because it is not at ALL Hawaiian sounding! I actually listened to the song twice all the way through because I totally missed the guitar break completely!! The guitar is haunting but oh so brief....One could totally miss it!

  2. Yes, the break is very brief. But at that moment the whole song changes ever so slightly and goes "dark" again. It is the small unexpected twists that these song offer up that make this recording so interesting and, in my opinion creatively substantial. Makes you wonder why there is no artist credit on the jacket.


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