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Sunday, September 12, 2021

The Surfers At High Tide



The Surfers At High Tide

From the back cover: High Tide in the careers of four promising young vocalists, The Surfers, is symbolized in this, their latest album. Clayton Naluai, age 22, Alan Kalani, age 20, Pat Sylva, age 19, and Bernie Ching, at 20, are all native Hawaiians whom we discovered singing in entertainment and auditorium calls at Glendale Junior College, Glendale, California.

The students who heard them were so enthusiastic that we felt we couldn't miss in signing them. We were right. Their first two albums, On The Rocks and Christmas From Hawaii were instant successes. The boys, having finished their Junior College courses, have now turned to entertaining as their profession and are presently appearing in the show at the fabulous Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas with fat 4-figure weekly pay. More power to them. They are GREAT.

Though they have "made it" in record breaking time, thanks only to their exciting voices and personal charm, they remain, as before, just four nice unaffected guys, although a little bewildered by it all.

Arrangements are  by Hall Daniels, who also conducts the orchestra. This recording was done, naturally enough, in the gymnasium at the Glendale Junior College which has excellent acoustics for the purpose. For those of you interested in "Hifi," the mikes used were AKG and Altec, recorder was a custom built 3 track Ampex 1/2" magnetic tape recorder and later disc cutting used a Scully automatically variable pitch lathe with Westres cutting head. Painstaking processing and tasteful quality control produced the first class pure virgin vinyl disc in this package.

From Billboard - April 6, 1959: Pineapple flavored vocal blending of the Surfers provides the war interest in this package, treating such standards as "The Breeze And I" and "Perfidia" is a manner that invites re-hearing. Island quartet is pictured on the cover in a Hawaiian beach scene. With interest mounting in the 50th State, this package should enjoy better than normal sales pull.

Canadian Sunset
Ebb Tide
Jungle Drums
Beyond The Reef
At High Tide
The Breeze And I
Red Sails In The Sunset
Return To Paradise
Moon Of Manakoora
Legend Of Rain


  1. Love these, guys, though I've only ever been able to find their Christmas album myself. But it's awesome. Not sure about that 1951 date though, I thought '59 or so.


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