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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Once More With Feeling - Joe Venuti


Purple Pussycat

The Jazz Violin Of Joe Venuti
Once More With Feeling
Produced by Dick Schory & Marty Gold
Technical Director: Ron Steele
Recording Engineer: Rich Mays
Mastering Engineer: John Janus
Cover Photo: Reed Wallace
Cover Design: Gunar A. Barkans
Ovation Records STEREO OV/14-04


Violin: Joe Venuti
Keyboard: Lou Stein
Bass: Jack Lesberg
Drums: Cliff Leeman
Percussion: Bobby Christian 
Guitar: Ron Steele

Little Green Apples
By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Les Bicyclettes De Belsize
Windmills Of Your Mind
Autumn Leaves
I Wanna Be Happy
Purple Pussycat
Four Finger Joe

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