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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Raun Is Her Name! - Raun MacKinnon


Baby, What's Left When The Sun Goes Down

Raun Is Her Name!
Raun MacKinnon!
Produced and Arranged by Barry Kornfeld

From the back cover: Raun is her name.

Raun is in her early 20s, pretty, intent, and very talented. In addition to starring as the vocalist here, she also wrote the words and music to each song and played guitar on the session and solo guitar on "Sacrifice The Goat."

She's out of the Philadelphia area, Berwyn, Penn., to be exact. She was a member of the high school band, and that's where she was taught oboe and glockenspiel. She also plays piano and other instruments. Raun taught herself guitar, and is one of a handful of guitarists who can make her technique of playing really work.

Raun first came to the attention of the music business as a songwriter. Kapp's Bill Edd Wheeler recorded one of Raun's tunes.

Her range of mood is remarkable. She can go from the flavor of folk (Angelia) to the bluesy (My Last Farwell) to a song of quiet desperation (Today I Got). And each mood lives.

Her voice is making it big at the colleges where she has been appearing. But after the voice is an echo, the power of her lyrics returns to haunt you. How can you forget lines like, "I was one of many for him; he was one of one for me"?

It's all here, on this record. The voice, the songs, the strong pull of her poetry.

She lives on this record. And Raun is her name.

Baby, What's Left When The Sun Goes Down
Nickel And Dime World
Chicken Little
Sacrifice Of The Goat
Today I Sure Got Nothin' To Do
Color Wheel
Sister Marie
Will You Go With Me Now
Hello, You Tomorrows
My Last Farewell
Sugar In Your Soul

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