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Monday, September 13, 2021

A Holiday In Hi-Fi - Kermit Leslie


Jungle Flower

A Holiday In Hi-Fi
Kermit Leslie and His Orchestra
Epic LN 3452

From the back cover: Kermit Leslie, who conducts the orchestra in this engaging group of selections, was born in New York City and began studying music at the age of twelve;  by the time he was fourteen he was working professionally. In 1939 he joined Alvino Rey's band as saxophonist and arranger and remained there until he joined the service in 1941. Here he arranged and conducted music for camp shows and broadcasts. After the war, he made formal studies in harmony and counterpoint, and in 1952 he became arranger for Tommy Dorsey. Prior to forming his own group for the concert presented here, he was a free-lance arranger for an extensive list of dance and concert orchestras.

From Billboard - April 28, 1958: A varied set of well-orked instrumentals. The album is a sort of musical trip around the world. It's a good change of pace programming set for jocks. Sound quality is excellent. Competition on this type of album is heavy, but added appeal of sound will help this move with exposure. Numbers include "Bermuda Holiday," "Jungle Fever" and "Rainy Afternoon."

Night Flight To Madrid
Walking On Ice
Jungle Flower
The Little Toy Shop
Montana Round-up
Gilbert The Goose
Bermuda Holiday
Enchanted Isle
Rainy Afternoon

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  1. Previously issued on 10" in 1954 as "Middlebrow" - Music for the Hi-Fi Fan on Epic / LG 1019
    This edition here features 4 extra tracks.
    Very happy that you decided to advertize Jungle Flower as it's the hard one to find by Kermit.
    First time I read about Kermit therefore a very nery nice discovery for me...Thanks!


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