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Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Exciting New La Playa Sound - The La Playa Sextet

Mambo Inn

The Exciting New La Playa Sound
The La Playa Sextet and Orchestra
Produced by Leroy Holmes
Engineer: Johnny Cue
Recorded at Capitol Studios - New York City
United Artists STEREO UAS 6357


Paul Alicea - Leader, Guitar & Vocals
Marie Alicea - Maracas & Vocals
Paul Alicea, Jr. - Timbales
Alfredo (Chocolato) Armenteros - Trumpet
Neftaly Pinheiro - Lead Guitar
Claudino Torres - Bass
Alejandro R. Hernandes - Piano & Arranger
Frank Malabe - Congo Drums
Victor Paz - Trumpet
John Rodriguez - Bongo
Barron Rogers - Trombone
Vitin Aviles - Singer

From Billboard - August 22, 1964: Anyone interested in Latin American music knows the La Playa Sextet. Here they are with 22 songs grouped into medleys that cover all the popular rhythms, from mambo to merengue. There's a big exciting sound since the sextet has been augmented for this album by five more instruments and a singer.

Medley - Mambo's Coco Seco / Anabacca
Medley - Bolero's Duena De Mi Corazon Uno
Medley - Cha-Cha-Cha's El Jamaiquino / Doin' The Cha-Cha-Cha
Medley - Merengues Merengue De Frac / La Empaliza / La Maricutana / Compadre Pedro Jaun
Buena Suerte (guaracha)
Medley - Bolero's Primero Yo / Mira Corazon
Mambo Inn
Medley - Son Montuno El Guayo De Catalina / Quimbombo / Rabo Y Oreja
Medley - Rumba's Pare Cochero / Oye El Carbonero / Tumbando Cana / Los Carnavales De Oriente

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