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Thursday, September 30, 2021

David Rose Plays David Rose


Holiday For Strings

David Rose Plays David Rose
David Rose and His Orchestra
Cover Photograph by Mazzurco
MGM Stereo Disc

From Billboard - August 17, 1959: The lovely David Rose selections are given lush, romantic settings with the composer-conductor fronting his own ork. For late hour programming, this is an excellent LP. In stereo, the warm ork effects come across beautifully. Tempos are nicely varied. For easy-listening devotees. Selections include "Concerto," "One Love" and "Romantic Waltz." Beautiful cover.

4:20 A.M.
Stereophonic March
Romantic Waltz
Majorca (complete version)
The Christmas Tree
Deserted City
The Sad, Sad Rocking Horse
One Love
Holiday For Strings

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