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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Flamenco - Anita Sheer


La Cadena

Anita Sheer
Produced by Paul Tannen
A Tanridge Production
A&R Coordinator: Irv Stimler
Director of Engineering: Val Valentin
Photo: Murray Laden
Metro Records M-542

From the back cover: Anita Sheer, New York born, is a firm believer in extra-sensory perceptions; from experience as well as study..." (Nathan Cohen, Toronto Daily Star) "One of the few women who can both play and sing Flamenco material – extremely talented – exciting!" (Billboard) "Here is musically competent folksinger who has to be seen to be believed. There is showmanship, along with a rapport with the audience and a petiteness of size that doesn't belie her talent." (Variety)

Anita Sheer, the world's greatest female Flamenco guitarist, demonstrates both her vocal and instrumental skills in ten carefully chosen selections. A performer who withers to the music as she entertains her audience, Anita's talents are best summed up by her teacher, Carlos Montoya, often referred to as at the master of the Flamenco guitar: "Anita Sheer, my favorite pupil, possesses a great technique, excellent rhythm in the truly authentic tradition and moreover has captured the 'soul' of the Flamenco guitar."

Medley de Jerez (Bulerias)
Malaguena Salerosa
La Cadena
Aires de Granada (Granadinas)
Cante Hondo (Soleares)
Danza de Cadiz (Tanguillo)
Procesion de Sevilla (Saeta)

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