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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Promises, Promises - Aimi Macdonald & Ronnie Carroll


Knowing When To Leave

Promises, Promises
Aimi Macdonald & Ronnie Carroll
Music by Burt Bacharach
Lyrics by Hal David
Orchestra directed by Keith Roberts
Fontana Special SFL13192

From the back cover: On this record the two leading roles are sung by Aimi Macdonald and Ronnie Carroll. After starting in ballet in France and America, Aimi returned to England to appear in "One The Town" and "Boys From Syracuse". Following these shows came her really big break in the TV comedy series "At Last The 1948 Show", which made the lovely Aimi Macdonald a nationwide catch-phrase. Soon after the series finished, she starred with Lionel Blair in the Gershwin-scored "Lady By Good". Ronnie Carroll has been a recording star now for some twelve years, with a string of successful hits such as "Say Wonderful Things", "Roses Are Red" and "Dear Heart", and with his relaxed style of singing, has appeared in very many radio and television shows over the years. Just recently his recordings have been rather intermittent, and it is very gratifying to hear him singing as well as ever. Acclaimed by the critics as one of the best musicals of the decade, the success of "Promises, Promises" lead the way for many more Bacharach-David scores for the future. We will look forward to them.

Half As Big As Life
You'll Think Of Someone
She Likes Basketball
Knowing When To Leave
Turkey Lurkey TIme
A Fact Can Be A Beautiful Thing
Whoever You Are
Where Can You Take A Girl
I'll Never Fall In Love Again
Promises, Promises

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