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Monday, August 19, 2019

Mandolino Italiano - Iller Pattacini

Mandolino Italiano
Mandolino Italiano
Iller Pattacini
Conducting The Ricordi Orchestra
Recorded In Italy
Vesuvius Records - Union City, New Jersey
LP NO. 4407/ST
Distributed by MGM Records

From the back cover: "Mandolino Italiano", our opening selection, was written expressly for this album by the brilliant Maestro Iller Pattacini, who not only conducts the famous Ricordi Orchestra, but who has so ably and tastefully arranged all of these selections hereon, as well. "Mandolino Mandolino", successfully presented at the 1961 San Remo Festival, follows. The next four songs are inspired respectively by Rome, Venice, Florence and Naples. We dedicate side two in its entirety to Naples in recognition of its "know-how" of presenting these melodies, both sad and gay, that are among the most beautiful songs that this musical city has ever been able to express.

Mandolino Italiano
Mandolino Mandolino
Canta Se La Vuoi Cantar
Gondoli' Gondola'
Mattinata Fiorentina
Anema E Core
Napule Ca Se Ne Va
Voce E' Notte
Duje Paravise
Spingule Frangese
Fenesta Ca Lucive

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