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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Passion - Walter Scharf

Fantastic Rhumba
Tangos And Torrid Tempos To Dance To, To Love, Too
Composed, Arranged and Conducted by Walter Shcarf
Produced by Morty Palitz
Photograph by Charles Aaron
Cover Design by Sy Leichman
Setting Courtesy of Zelda E. Fischel
Jubilee Records JLP 1079
Superlaphonic Hi-Fi

Excellent edgy late 50s mood set. Could be considered a concept LP.

From Billboard - November 17, 1958: Composer, conductor, arranger Scarf batons a shimmering stereo performance of woodwinds and strings. Framework is Latin, heady and romantic, as the title might imply. Rhythm are tango, conga, samba, etc., and the tunes are all Scharf's own. A rather bold cover will cause some chatter. The sound and performance are excellent.

Walther Scharf wrote the Michael Jackson single from the movie Ben (1972). See Scharf's wiki page.

Tango Of Love
Love With Macracas
Moonlight Tango
Fantastic Rhumba
Tango Of Hope
Tango Of Desire
Conga Flute
Tango Of Fire
Sub Rhumba
Tango Of Emotions
Mardi Gras Samba

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