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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Rendezvous For Two - Guy La Salle

Rendezvous For Two
Rendezvous For Two
Guy La Salle and His Orchestra
Cover Photography by Leigh Charell
Gown and Accessories from Milgrim, N.Y.C.
M-G-M E3570

From the back cover: They (your "musical favorites") are superbly styled the distinctive Guy La Salle way: chicly Continental in cast, lush and lovely in fashioning.

By The Bend Of The River
It's A Find Day For Walking Country Style
Giannina Mia
Lilac Mist
If You Talk About A Dream
The Donkey Serenade
Rendezvous For Two
Dreamy Melody
The Wind And The Sea
Pinwheel (Saudades)

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