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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Pat Dixion's Scientific Daily Dozen

Pat Dixon's Scientific Daily Dozen
From our cocktail lounge at The Lodge of The Four Seasons - Lake Ozark, Missouri
Album Design: Dan Quest Art Studio, Nashville
Photography: Barry Mandell
PRES S-101

Dennis Banta, organ
Jerry Frank, sax
Dick McGinnis, drums

From the back cover: Who's Pat? Pat hails from England as you can tell when you hear her clipped British accent. A Registered Nurse, she comes to the Ozarks from the internationally famous Golden Door, in Escondido, California, where she was Exercise Director.

The Golden Door, one of the top health spas in the United States, is owned and operated by the celebrated Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely and his charming wife Deborah. They also own and operate the thousand-acre Rancho La Puerta health spa in Tecate, Mexico. Before going to the Golden Door, Pay Dixion was Exercise Director of Rancho La Puerta for two years.

It was in Mexico that Harold Koplar, president of the Lodge of the Four Seasons, discovered Pat and persuaded her to come to his beautiful Ozark resort to initiate a similar program in this part of the country so that fellow Midwesterners would no longer have to go to Mexico or California in search of "The Fit and The Trim" way of life.

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  1. I've had a copy of this for years,and until looking at your photo, I didn't realize that Pat Dixon is in the round photo insert (on the rug with the Sun face)doing a backward bend-like pose. Actually, I have used this series of exercises. They are great for limbering up, getting a rhythm to one's breathing, and, yeah, help somewhat to slim down. A good "movement" set of exercises. No arm strengthening here, but a person can always add those. If your copy is like mine, exercises 10 and 11 are switched on the album (differing from the illustrations on the back cover), and, also, the individual pictures for exercise 10 (X) might be out of order. It appears that photos 6 and 7 should be in positions 4 and 5. The Four Seasons Cocktail Lounge Trio are a good addition; and Pat Dixon comes over as kind and knowledgeable; her "clipped" accent is pleasant. So, if one's goal is to climb a jungle gym, or pose in a tree, or even perform a backward bend on a rug (dressed in a similar color)as illustrated on the cover, this program may be a good way to go.


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