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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Harem Twist - George Chadian's New England Ararat Orchestra

Harem Twist

Harem Twist
George Chadian's New England Ararat Orchestra
Ara Records - Lincoln, Rhode Island
ARA 1003

From the back cover: George, a great-great-great-great-grandson of the illustrious Hoseh Yallah Noah, has in her honor invented the Harem Twist. However, he found that to honor her properly, her Twist had to be danced by a group, as no single dancer can do it justice.

Also from the back cover: The New England Ararat Orchestra is one of the very few orchestras in the entire country that play not only Armenian, Greek, Turkish, and Arabic music, but also American music. Their popularity is evident by the constant demand for their services.

Musician credits (from below the back cover photo): Front Row, left to right: Costa Provas, Tambourine; Harry Papuan, Dumbeg; George Chakoian, Oud. Second Row, left to right; Diran Der Mardirosian, Congo Drums; Jack Chakoian, Sax; Carl Narsasian, Clarinet. Also on the recording but not in the photograph are two former members of the band: Chris Acadian, Dumbeg and Vahe Der Manuela, Piano.

Cover model/dancer: Asmahan
Photo by Stephen Fenerjian

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