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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Longhair Goes Cha-Cha - Ralph Font And His Orchestra

Toccatina Afro-Cuban Rhumba
Longhair Goes Cha-Cha
Ralph Font And His Orchestra
Westminster WP 6118

From Billboard November 23, 1959: The title of this set means that such longhair tunes as Minuet In G, Humoresque and Dance Of The Hours have been turned into cha chad. The idea is good, but the cha chas, as played by Ralph Font Ork, are routine.

I don't know just what work the Billboard reviewer was comparing this set to. But out of all the Latin music albums that I've listened to from the period, especially the late 50s, this effort is smoking fun space age. Font delivers a great sense of humor and inventive arrangements. Font also drops in an electric guitar from time to time which helps keep the sound "space age modern".

And the reviewer failed to mention the sales potential of the fab cover!

Minuet In G Cha-Cha
Toccatina Afro-Cuban Rhumba
Humoresque Cha-Cha
Liebestraum Bolero-Cha
Fur Elise Cha-Cha
Waltz In E Minor Beguine
Dance Of The Hours Cha-Cha
Rondo Alla Turca Mambo
Serenade Beguine
Hababera From Carmen Cha-Cha
Melody In F Merengue
Waltz In A Flat Beguine


  1. Found this album at a second-hand store back in the 80's. One of my all-time favorite kitsch musical oddities. I've listened to it over and over through the years. Still love it! Lotsa' fun!

  2. Hi Mark, this post from 2012 just got a bump on the FB "Exotica Mailing List" . Appreciate your blogger legs. I use "Your Pal Doug's Pals" blog to keep up.


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