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Friday, August 31, 2012

Under Analysis - Sauter-Finegan Orchestra

In A Mist
Under Analysis
Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
RCA LPM-1341

From Billboard - March 16, 1957: As usual with S-F albums, much of the appeal is in the wide instrumental color range, which obviously offers hi-fi dial-twiddling opportunities. Tunes are oldies associated with great bands, etc., of the past, as "Got A Date With An Angel," "Avalon," "Lonesome Old Town" etc. Arrangements are strictly S-F, and mostly good fun. Jocks could have a ball with these if they can dig up the originals for comparison. It's listening music, not dance music, but it should have a healthy sale.

Chant Of The Weed
Star Dust
Got A Date With An Angel
Rockin Chair
Thinking Of You
In A Mist
I Get A Kick Out Of You
It's A Lonesome Old Town
How Am I To Know

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