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Monday, June 27, 2011

Skin And Bones - Carl Stevens

The Moon Was Yellow
Skin And Bones
Carl Stevens
Mercury Records - SR 60013

When searching for this album online I noted about five different versions of the cover. All featuring this photograph, but with different violators such as a logo, stereo or high fidelity banner, etc.

For some reason this album is not available on CD/purchase/download. The record is a pretty nice late 50s smooth jazz project that feature space age touches.

There are a number of name studio musicians listed on the back cover:

Percussion - Frank Rullo, Bobby Cristian, Phil Durant and Norm Jeffries. Harp - Pete Eagle. Piano - Dick Mara and Marty Rubenstein. Bass - John Frigo. Conduction, Trumpet - Carl "Chuck" Stevens. Trombones - Tommy Shepard, Cy Touff, Paul Crumbaugh, Bob Dale and Barrett O'Hara. Saxophones - Howard Davis, Mike Simpson and Benny Baileys. Guitar - Frank D'Rose. Accordion - Sam Porfirio.

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