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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Midnight Mood Music

Swamp Fire
Midnight Mood Music
Allegro Royale

Allegro Royale was a total budget label. Allegro pressed whatever they could beg, barrow or steal. The quality of the recordings and pressings are usually pretty awful. However... I couldn't pass up the chance that the cover of Swamp Fire might be interesting.

This is probably the most decent Allegro album I've stumbled across. As you can tell for the sample, there is some life found in the track(s) even though the small band isn't razor sharp.

Side two… however, sounds like complete filler and not good filler. And, keep the tradition alive, the pressing leaves something to be desired.


  1. Swamp Fire! Another Exotica fave! FUN version, too!

  2. Bought Allegro "Mood Music Sampler" and "21 Metropolitan Opera Stars" today for 49 cents. Mood Music Sampler just sounds like 78rpm records on LP.


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