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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Organ Music In A Margie Meinert Mood

Indian Love Call
Organ Music In A Margie Meinert Mood
Organ Moods In The Margie Meinert Manner
Faternity F-1033

Meinert was contracted by The Rudolph Wurlitzer company to tour, promoting their new electronic organ. Wurlitzer was also located in Cincinnati. They contracted with Meinert in 1955 according to Billboard.

From the back cover: ...she's an exciting performer. Considering that fact that she stands about five feet tall and weighs around 90 pounds soaking dry, that's quite an order.


  1. Fabulous! I forgot to tell you. There was a full size Wurlitzer in my local thrift yesterday for 99.99!

  2. Really? I don't know anything about organs... but they always seem to have a sold sticker on them when I see one at a thrift.


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