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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Perspectives In Percussion - Volume 2

Tiger Hunt (stereo)

Perspectives In Percussion - Volume 2
Special Release: Sonic Workshop Series Project No. 2
Conducted by Skip Martin
Scored by Joe Kunh and Bob Lowden
Recorded at United Recording Studio in Hollywood under the direction of D. L. Miller
Audio Mix by Bill Puthham
Cover Art by Will Dressler
Liner Photo by Bud Seltzer
Somerset Records SF 13300 (stereo foil jacket) P 13300 (mono 4-color jacket)


Saxophones - Paul Horn, Philip Sobel, Ralph Gari, Pete Terry and Dale Isenhuth

Utility Woodwinds: Paul Horn

Solo Piccolo: Jules Kinsler

Trumpets: Conrad Gazzo, Don Fagerquist, Pete Candoli, Jim Salko and Mickey Mangano

Trombones: Joe Howard, Dick Noel and Frank Rosolino

Bass Trombone: Ken Shroyer and George Roberts

Accordion: Pete Jolly

Electric Guitar: Al Henderson, Robert Bain, Tony Rizzi and Rene Hall

Bass: Ralph Pina

Piano: Jim Rowles

Drums: Irv Cottler

3 Percussionists: Dale Anderson, Milt Holland and Larry Bunker

Hammond Organ: Gaylord B. Carter

This album was released about two years after Enoch Light released his Persuasive Percussion album series. This Somerset set of records (apparently two volumes) is based on the Light formula. There are similarities between the light, funky 60s sound, audio play between channels and the cover design.

The cover design is heavy-handed compared to art coming out of the Command production department, but the music, conducted by Skip Martin, is as cool and every bit as good as what Light was producing.

Skip Martin gets a mention on Wikipedia for creating a swing concept album titled Scheherajazz on Somerset with Gus Bivona in the late 50s.

How High The Moon
Tiger Hunt
Mambo #5
La Cucaracha
I Got Rhythm
Baubles, Bongos and Brass
Git Git Git Guitar
I Get A Kick Out Of You
C'est Si Bon

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  1. Fabulous, of course! Enoch rules and I have this one, too! I think DeSoto has it too!


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