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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Perspectives In Percussion - Volume 1

Cuckoo Cha Cha
Perspectives In Percussion
Volume 1
Scored by Joe Kuhn and Bob Lowden
Conductor: Skip Martin
Recorded at United Recording Studios in Hollywood under the direction of D.L. Miller
Audio Mix: Bill Putnam
Cover Art: Will Dressler
Liner Photo: Bud Seltzer
Somerset Records SF 13200
Stereo-Fidelity Records are manufactured by Miller International Co.


Paul Horn
Philip Sobel
Ralph Gari
Pete Terry
Dale Isenhuth

Utility Woodwinds:
Paul Horn

Solo Piccolo:
Jules Kinsler

Conrad Gazzo
Don Fagerquist
Pete Candoli
Jim Salko
Micky Mangano

Joe Howard
Dick Noel
Frank Rosolino

Bass Trombone:
Ken Shroyer
George Roberts

Pete Jolly

Electric Guitar:
Al Hendrickson
Robert Bain
Rony Rizzi
Rene Hall

Ralph Pina

Jim Rowles

Ira Cottler

Dale Anderson
Milt Holland
Larry Bunker

Hammond Organ:
Gaylord B. Carter

From Billboard: October 24, 1960: Here are two (Perspectives In Percussion, Volumes I & II) top "sound" buys at the regular price LP rate of $1.98. The pair are the initial releases of a new "Sonic Workshop Series" – similar in concept to the growing number of special sound-emphasis packages being put out by numerous firms. Both of these can boast a stellar line-up of instrumentalists, who comprise a sort of super big band. Skip Martin is the baton man for the 29-man outfit, which in addition to expected band complement, also features three performers who work out on a myriad of offbeat instruments. Tunes selected include, for the most part, many familiar melodies, given a fine up-to-date dress. Sound is tops thruout. Excellent merchandise, especially at the price.

I'll See You In My Dreams
And Then There's Bells
Red River Cha Cha
Night Train To New Orleans
C'est Magnifique
The Carioca
Cuckoo Cha Cha
Cielito Lindo
Hawaiian War Chant
Bei Mir Bist du Schon


  1. Sounds like the opening theme to any given Don Knots movie. :)

  2. More beautiful percussive sounds.


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