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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Korla Pandit - Photo Collection

I was pleased to acquire this group of Korla Pandit images from a seller who had purchased Pandit items directly from the estate.

The top image is an 8 x 10 matt finish original press photo stamped on the back: Photos By Robert H. Churchill. This photo intrigues me as because of the setting. Pandit is surrounded by items that he may have owed. Note the gas lighting fixtures. If I were to guess, I would say that this photo was probably taken inside of Pandit's living space.

The second photo is an autographed Polaroid photograph.

The third image is also a Polaroid of Pandit caught in a more private moment. I believe, when comparing other Pandit hand writing samples I have on hand, that Pandit has written on the back of the photo: "Mar. 26 - 2: AM Santa Rosa, (Initials?).

The fourth image is an 2 x 3 original photo also stamped on the back: Photos By Robert H. Churchill.


  1. HOLY ATOMIC SWAHILI! The first time I have ever seen Pandit sans turban! What a fabulous collection, Mark, how did you FIND these?


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