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Friday, April 9, 2010

Yellow Bird - Arthur Lyman

Yellow Bird
Arthur Lyman

The first copy of this alum that I found came with a yellow disc label. I wasn't happy with the quality of that record so I purchased another copy. The new copy came featuring a red label on the disc inside a book-fold, rather than a single jacket

Apparently, HIFI was sold to Everest Records around 1965 and the Life Series Label was changed to yellow. This record was reissued in a jacket that looked exactly the same, except that the word "STEREO" was added to the top of the back jacket and cover was printed as a single, not a gate fold jacket design.

Dates of reissue would have to be after 1965, although I can't pin point the date.

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  1. awesome to find 2 different versions of the same Lymon recording


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