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Friday, April 9, 2010

Persuasive Percussion Volume 2 - Terry Synder

Out Of Nowhere
Persuasive Percussion
Volume 2
Terry Snyder and The All Stars
Produced By Enoch Light
Associate Producer: Julie Klages
Recording Chief: Robert Fine
Mastering: George Piros
Art Director: Charles E. Murphy
Cover Art: Barbara Jean Brown
Command Records RS 808SD

From the inside cover (book-fold): Persuasive Percussion, volume 2 is the first of these further explorations, a set in which both the performing musicians and arranger (Lew) Davies move with greater knowledge, greater confidence and greater understanding of the almost limitless potential of this exciting new and different approach to music.

Terry Synder assembled three different groups to play these selections. Group One is a large orchestra with full reed, brass and rhythm sections as well as three percussionists (Synder; that fabulous expert in Latin American drumming, Willie Rodriquez; and the versatile Artie Marotti). Group Two uses only a single saxophone, trumpet and trombone plus a rhythm section and, again, three drummers – Synder, Marotti and, in place of Rodriquez, the all-but-legendary jazz drummer, Don Lamond. Group Three is built around a four man percussion section (Synder, Rodriquez, Ted Sommer and Doug Allen) with an expanded rhythm section (two guitars, accordion, bass and piano) and a single saxophone.

Blue Is the Night
Blue Tango
Miami Beach Rhumba
Yours Is My Heart Alone
In A Persian Market
Mambo Jambo
Dearly Beloved
Lu Cucaracha
Rocka Bongto Boogie
Lady Of Spain
Out Of Nowhere

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  1. Great stuff. I love Enoch Light (as you are well aware:-))


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