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Friday, November 19, 2021

Absolute Nonsense - Oscar Brand


Talking Blues

Absolute Nonsense
Oscar Brand
Assisted by Dave Sear
Produced by Kenneth S. Goldstein
Cover Photography by Paul Weller 
Cover Design by Paul Bacon
Recorded by Ritter and Lerner; New York City; October, 1957
Riverside Records RLP 12-825
Riverside Records are released by Bill Grauer Productions, Inc.

From the back cover: About The Performers

Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Oscar Brand travelled with his family to New York where he grew to six feet. From 1942 to 1945 he spent most of his life in the American Army and won the war. In 1945, he became Director of Folkmusic for New York City's municipal station, WNYC, broadcasting every Sunday at 6 p.m., whether he needs it or not. Many of the songs in this album are in his book, "Singing Holidays," published by Alfred Kopf, and on sale at all successful bookstores. He has made more than forty documentary motion pictures for wealthy and tolerant corporations, and he has written many successful popular songs stolen from old ballads and from other less aggressive composers.

Dave Sear is a young New Yorker who has worked with Oscar Brand since the age of fifteen, so he has no one to blame but himself. A fine singer and banjoist, he has performed on concert stage throughout the country, to the delight of his audience, and to Mr. Brand's dismay. His fine arrangements for this album reveal his great artistry and his ability to maintain a high degree of musicianship against almost overwhelming odds.

From Billboard - June 30, 1958: The "Shoeless Troubadour" is off again with a delightful collection of non-sense songs, assisted by banjoist and singer Dave Sear. Some like "Fooba Wooba John," "Buffalo Gals" and "Anne Boleyn" are tried and true, but many others are unfamiliar. Jacket photo is every bit as funny as the songs, and Brand's liner notes are uproarious.

A Horse Named Bill
Fooba-Wooba John
Midnight On The Ocean
The Derby Ram
Good Peanuts
Anne Boleyn 
Buffalo Gals
The Old Woman And The Pedlar
Shoot The Buffalo
The Frozen Logger
Talking Blues
The Bold Fisherman
In The Winter
Bunch Of Roses
The Lady Who Loved A Pig
Ain't Gonna Rain No More

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