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Monday, November 15, 2021

I'll Cry Tomorrow - Lillian Roth


If I Could Be With You / Sing You Sinners!

I'll Cry Tomorrow
Lillian Roth
Orchestra under the Direction of Don Costa
Epic LN 3206
A Product Of CBS

From the back cover: In 1930, Lillian Roth was one of the greatest stars in stage and screen musicals; a few years later she was a has-been in every sense of that unfortunate term. The problem, of course, was alcohol, and it took her years to conquer the poisonous effects it had on her mind and body. But she did conquer it, with the help of friends and her own indomitable courage, and fought her way back to personal dignity and integrity. And then, perhaps equally courageously, she began a sort of public rehabilitation as well. She wrote her engrossing book, helped in the supervision of its compelling translation to the movies, and began appearing again as a stellar entertainer in nightclubs. Even the most hopeful and sympathetic audience could not be sure that her theatrical presence had returned with her re-birth and her first appearances must have been grueling indeed.

Perhaps the most heartening step on her way back was the reception of her story on the Ralph Edwards program, This Is Your Life. But now Lillian Roth is back, and it is good to have her among the stars once more. Here, as she sings the songs that she has made famous, is one of the brightest musical personalities ever to appear on the stage and screen, and a woman whose story has awed and inspired thousands.

Also from the back cover: The planning of this program by Miss Roth took several months; indeed, preparations were begun before the movie version of her story went into production. Together with Marvin Holtzman, Director of Popular Artists and Repertorie for Epic Records, Miss Roth selected the numbers and their sequence. Under Mr. Holtzman's direction, arrangements were provided by conductor Don Costa, and Marion Evans, of his staff. An effort was made to provide period flavor in certain of the numbers without making it pervasive, and in line with Miss Roth's resumption of her career, more contemporary notes – notably the trombone solo of Urbie Green in "Happiness Is A Things Called Joe" – were also included. The resulting lift and positive force of the program comes from these cooperative efforts, together with a series of electric and dynamic recording sessions, directed by Mr. Holtzman.

From Billboard - December 31, 1955: There's a big promotional push behind the forthcoming movie version of Lillian Roth's bests-selling autobiography, "I'll Cry Tomorrow," and this package should cash in heavily on all the hoopla. The singer's brassy pipes and showmanly manner are well showcased on 12 oldies closely associated with her career – "Sing You Sinner," "Goody Goody," "Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe," etc. Miss Roth also contributes some philosophical commentary on the themes. Susan Hayward (who plays the singer in the film) has an EP out under the same title, but this one will probably prove a stronger seller.

Love Thy Neighbor 
Ain't She Sweet
Let's Fall In Love
When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob Bobbin' Along
If I Could Be With You
Sing You Sinners!
Don't Take Your Love From Me
Goody Goody
As Time Goes By
Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe
I'd Climb The Highest Mountain 

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