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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Wild Guitars - Les Baxter


Cubana Mulatta

Wild Guitars
Les Baxter
Produced by Voyle Gilmore
Capitol Records ST 1248

From the back cover: Mandolino, Cubana Mulatta and Cabayo are all Les Baxter originals – each sparked by the Latin influence, sparkling with the unmistakable Baxter touch. The Latin mood carries throughout the remainder of the tunes as well, with a variety of Spanish and Brazilian tempos setting refreshing rhythm changes from one to another. They all feature the three classical guitarists, Nestor Amaral, Joe Carioca, and Pepe Gamboa – with Gamboa sometimes playing tres (a Cuban three-stringed instrument), or cavaquinha (a Brazilian instrument similar to a guitar).

From Billboard - September 28, 1959: Baxter using various groupings of electric and/or Spanish guitars comes up with some intriguing sounds. Bright chorus added to the numbers with exciting percussive effects allows for further versatility and interest. The tunes are mainly of Latin origin, and several Latin tempos are featured. Selections include "Tico, Tico," "Ritual Fire Dance" and "Piccolissima Serenata." Sound throughout is excellent.

Sabre Dance
Piccolissima Serenata
My Buddy
Ritual Fire Dance
Brazilian Slave Song
Tell Me, Margarita
Cubana Mulatta
Tico Tico

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