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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Changes - Jackie & Roy


Norwegian Wood

Jackie & Roy
Produced by Creed Taylor, Monte Kay, Jack Lewis
Director of Engineering: Val Valentin
Cover Design: Acy Lehman
Cover Photo: Bob Campbell
Verve V/V6-8668

From the back cover: Jackie and Roy have the rarest and most vital of all performer's gifts – the ability to communicate.

They communicate with each other and with their listeners.

If you knew nothing at all about them, you would probably be able to guess that they're happily married – to each other and to their work. Happiness combined with skilled musicianship is very contagious.

Jacqueline Cain Kral and Roy Kral (who is also a fine jazz pianist) sing the sounds of good popular music and the sounds they sing seem improvised. But, Jackie and Roy rarely improvise. They spend long hours working on arrangements and they will not perform or record a selection until they feel it is right.

From Billboard - December 3, 1966: In their debut disk for Verve, Jackie and Roy put there jazz background to good use. Whether employing their usual blended-voice style as in "Dedicated To Love" and "The Word," vocalize as in "Norwegian Wood," or in fine Jackie solo of "Yesterday," the couple produces good sound. If quality still counts, this disk could do something.

Dedicated To Love (Arranged  by Claus Ogerman)
Yesterday (Arranged by Charles Calello)
Didn't Want To Have To Do It (Arranged by Oliver Nelson)
In My Life (Arranged by Charles Calello)
Bye Bye (Arranged by Oliver Nelson)
Counting (Arranged by Oliver Nelson)
Changes (Arranged by Charles Calello)
The Word (Arranged by Charles Calello)
Norwegian Wood - This Bird Has Flown (Arranged by Charles Calello)
Can't Buy Me Love (Arranged by Charles Calello)

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