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Friday, January 8, 2021

Cha Cha Chas And Mambos - Socarras

Nervous Gavotte Mambo

Cha Cha Chas And Mambos
Socarras and His Orchestra
Decca Records DL 8836

From the back cover: Each selection is the result of a unique approach, distinctive imagination, and skillful execution on the part of Alberto Socarras – a most unusual man. Socarras is referred to  as a "musicians musician," a title which places him high in the hierarchy of the musical world.

For many years, Alberto – who left his native Cuba for this country in the forties – has been considered one of the finest flutists in the world – a flexible virtuosity to Latin dance music and jazz.

From Billboard - January 19, 1959: A fine, terp package of Latin rhythms. It's a well-orchestrated and executed album with Cha Cha and Mambo stylings applied to several originals and international standards. Set can appeal to both teens and adults. Selections include "Tea For Two Cha Cha," "Waltz In Cha Cha," based on a melody by Chopin and "Torero." Good prospects. Stereo effect is inconsistent.

Tea For Two Cha Cha
Sixty Second Mambo
"A" – You're Adorable (The Alphabet Song)
Nervous Gavotte Mambo
Par La Noche
Buck Dance
Waltz In Cha Cha
Rose Room
Hal's Cha Cha Cha
Mambo Impromptu 
Algun Dia

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