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Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Drums Of Rodriguez



The Drums Of Rodriguez
Wille Rodriguez
Cook Laboratories, Inc.
1086 (10 inch 33 RPM)

From the back cover: "I (Rodriquez) was born in Puerto Rico in 1918. Been playing drums since I was 17 years old. Come to New York in 1938, and have been playing steady since then (thank God). The Latin bands I have worked with are Jose Curbelo, Noro Morales, Miguelito Valdes and a few other bands. Worked for two consecutive years with Paul Whiteman as only and featured drummer, in his band when I was 20 years old."

Carioca (from Flying Down To Rio)
Mambo A La Basie (based on Jumping At The Woodside by Count Basie)
Hi Fi Mambo by Al Romero
Willie's Drums by Willie Rodriguez and Al Romero
Nocturnal by Jose-Sabre Maroquin
Alamac by Al Romero
Lullaby To Frances - Improvisation by Willie Rodriguez

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