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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Lover's Portfolio Vol. 1 - Jackie Gleason

Some Day I'll Find You / I Can't Get Started
Lover's Portfolio Vol. 1
Music For Sippin' / Music For Dancin'
Jackie Gleason
Produced by Dick Jones
Capitol Records W 1979

From the back cover: During these past few years, all of my albums have been designed to create a special mood. And not infrequently, a thoroughly contented individual assures me that my music has provided the background inspiration for a romantic interlude. This always gives me a decided, if somewhat vicarious thrill. For to me, one of life's more satisfying roles is that of Dan Cupid.

But this album goes a bit further than my previous efforts. Here we have assembled, in chronological steps, the musical ingredients for a complete and memorable evening of romance, varying the moods and styles to suit each particular portion of the evening. It is music designed to stimulate your imagination and your creative instincts. For after all, inspired improvisation is the real key to delightful romance.

Here, then, is my "Lover's Portfolio." – Jackie Gleason

I'm not sure what to make of this Gleason set. I'm fond of the many projects he generated for Capitol,  however, on this set he divides the concept between side one which plays through as light mood small combo piano lounge and side two which is arranged to sound like a champagne dance orchestra. The two approaches, to my ear, are not complimentary in any way.
Music For Sippin'

Side One

The Cocktail Hour

As the evening begins, the ice must be broken, literally and figuratively. This is get-acquainted time, when subtle compliments are exchanged. Candlelight, a properly mixed cocktail, perhaps an early dinner... and in the background, the smooth stylings of piano, with bass and drums, provide an intimate atmosphere that's just right.

Medley: Some Day I'll Find You / I Can't Get Started
Remember It Well
I See Your Face
Before Me
Allez Vous En / Lovely To Look At
The Touch Of Your Hand / What Is There
To Say
I'll Follow My Secret Heart / If I Didn't Care / Some Day I'll Find You

Music For Dancin'

Side Two

Late Evening

What's an evening without dancing? After all, it really takes two to capture the feeling of romance. This exhilaration, this quickening of the pulse, turns the conversation to the universal subject: Love. At the moment it is light and frivolous, but there is an undertone of more serious feeling. Lush ballads played in dreamy dance tempos serve to heighten the atmosphere.

Medley: I Could Have Dance Al Night / Love Is Here To Stay / C'est Magnifique / Mad About The Boy
It's All Right With Me / Just In Time / How High The Moon / East To Love
I Concentrate On You / All Of You / Our Love
One The Street Where You Live / I Love Paris / Come Rain Or Come Shine / It All Depends On You
So In Love / A Foggy Day / By Myself / The Party's Over

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