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Friday, March 29, 2019

Compositions Of Lionel Hampton - Maxwell Davis

Midnight Sun
Compositions Of Lionel Hampton
Music Composed by Lionel Hampton & Others
Conducted by Maxwell Davis
Recorded at Sound Enterprises - Hollywood, California
Photography: Ron Vogel
Cover: Charles Meggs
Crown Records CST 139


Larry Bunker - Vibes
John Anderson - Trumpet
Conrad Gozzo - Trumpet
Al Porchino - Trumpet
Julius Brooks - Trumpet
Ollie Mitchell - Trumpet
Floyd Turnham - Baritone
Bumps Myers - Tenor
Jackie Kelson - Alto
William Woodman - Tenor
William Green - Alto
Plaz Johnson - Tenor
Jewel Grant - Alto
Lester Robertson - Trombone
David Wells - Trombone
Dicl Noel - Trombone
John Ewing - Trombone
Gerald Wiggins - Piano
Willard McDaniel - Piano
Curtis Counce - Bass
Irving Ashby - Guitar
Earl Palmer - Drums
William Erspin - Drums

From the back cover: Hamp started as a drummer playing hokey after beats with Louis Armstrong in 1930. From there is the Les Hite Band... and that happy night when John Hammond made Benny Goodman listen to an unknown Kansas City drummer take a chorus on the vibes. He joined the Goodman band and the rest is history.

In the past "Hamp" has had some great bands, but during the way it became almost impossible for him to keep his big band together at the same high standards... but it never suffered from want of enthusiasm.

Of late Hamp (since his bus accident of 1957) has been working a lot in Europe and especially in the new Republic of Israel in which he is vitally interested.

The tunes here are all the great ones that the public recognizes as being that special property of "Hamp's" but of them all let me just relate one true story told to the writer by Hamp. As he and the Benny Goodman band were flying from San Francisco to New York City World's Fair of 1940... Hamp in looking out the window started humming a little melodic riff. He repeated it with variations and then noticed Benny Goodman, sitting next to him, writing down the notes on some music paper. When asked what the name of the tune was, Hamp simply said... "I don't know, I just made it up I'm so glad to be flying home." Need I add that this was the basis for "Flying Home". – Frank Evans

Flying Home
Air Mail Special
Midnight Sun
Hamp's Boogie
Cool Train

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