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Saturday, May 5, 2018

New! New! New! The Unique Sounds Of The Bobby Cole Trio

September Song
New! New! New!
The Unique Sounds Of The Bobby Cole Trio
Cover Photo: Leon Kuzmanoff
Columbia CL 1536

From the back cove: A new-comer to the musical scene is Bobby Cole, pianist, singer and leader of the gifted trio heard in this collection. Bobby combines a highly expressive approach to ballads with a humor that leaps and bounds through up-tempo numbers. He also provides an altogether unique musical sound, achieved through the collaboration of Joseph Sanzo on bass and Robert Ferro on drums.

In his solos, including Lilac Wine, Ebb Tide and Humpty Dumpty Heart, Bobby offers soft, sensitive interpretations over a lingering background in other numbers, Joseph Sanzo joins in the singing, and these duets, mostly bright and breezy, employ unusual intervals that give the songs a new and haunting sound. This sound won Bobby and the Trio immediate success wh
en they first appeared in a small New York night club, resulting in their debut on Columbia Records.

From Billboard - November 7, 1960: A more or less typical night club set of smart singing and playing arrangements are packaged here by Cole and trio. Cole, who has been compared to Mel Torme and has certain Chris Connor phrasings, sings well thruout. Material is treated in hip fashion and includes unusual items like "Ebb Tide," Lilac Wine," and "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles"
among the nine tunes

Dancing In The Dark
September Song
This Can't Be Love
The Lonesome Road
Ebb Tide
Johnny One Note
Lilac Wine
The Lady's In Love With You
Ain't She Sweet
Love For Sale
Humpty Dumpty Heart
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles.

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