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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Miss Connie Boswell Sings Irving Berlin

Blue Skies
Miss Connie Boswell Sings Irving Berlin
Golden Anniversary Tribute
(A 50th Anniversary Tribute)
Design Records DLP-68


Warren Vincent - Leader
Joseph Berlingeri - Piano
Mundell Lowe - Guitar
Geo. Wettling - Drums
Robert Byrne, Bart Varcelona, Phil Jacoby and Will Bradley - Trombone
George Duvivier - Bass
Harry Melnikoff, Dave Nadien and Raoul Poliakine - Violin
Don Elliott - Vibes - Trumpet
Bert Fisch - Viola
Alan Shulman - Cello
Len Gaskin - Bass

From the back cover: Born in New Orleans, the nation's cradle of jazz, Connee (this is the spelling of all instances of Connie on the back cover) was playing piano scales before she was four, and could play Bach fugues on the cello before she could read or write.

Add to these accomplishments the fact that she swings a saxophone and clarinet, has developed an adept trumpet embouchure (lip) and plans all of her own arrangements, and one understands more readily why the little lady from Louisiana has been dubbed a modern St. Cecilia.

During the war like all other top-notch performers, Connee Boswell did as much as anyone else and more than most in contributing of her time to training camp and hospital entertainment. She did this work, not because of the demands made upon her, but because she liked it.

Cheek To Cheek
White Christmas
Alexander's Ragtime Band
No Business Like Show Business
All By Myself
How Deep Is The Ocean
Blue Skies
All Alone
Maybe It's Because

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