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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Music From Trinidad - Boys-Town Steel Orchestra & She-She Calypso Band

Dance To Trinidad
Recorded In Trinidad
Boys-Town Steel Orchestra
She-She Calypso Band
Trinidad Recording House - Marvel, Trinidad, B.W.I.
Made In Trinidad
Vitadisc Records TC/L 52

From the back cover: The Boystown Steel Orchestra has been formed in the inception of steel band times. It has been playing in such varied places as the Ritzi Yacht Club of Trinidad and Tobago as well as funerals and weddings. It has been selected to give steel band concerts in all Public Squares of Trinidad and Tobago. Attendance at these concerts have reached to 30,000 and it is increasing all the time.

The She-She Calypso Band is the best dancing Orchestra in Trinidad. Its leader, Mr. Bert McClean, is one of the most talented musicians in the West Indies. Mr. McClean has been caressing the keys for over twenty years. His personality and engaging manners seemed to jump out of his interpretations right into the heart of his audiences – He was the toast of every famous party given in Trinidad as well as the other islands of the Caribbean. He is now playing for the exclusive "River Club" in London.

Boy Blue (Frankie Francis)
Marguerita (John Duprey)
Moonia (Dictator)
Latina (Joselito Vars)
Don't Touch (Lionel Belasco)
Shoot The Ball (Spitfire)
Thieving Bajan Policeman (Spitfire)
Kiss My Pan Baby (T'dad Panharmonic Orch.)
Fever In Town (Lord Melody)
I Am Going Away With The Lord (Dictator)
The La La Key (King Radio)
The Girl In The Mirror (Dictator)


  1. I think I had this on vinyl many years ago but had to get rid of all my records before my dad and I moved. I love steel drum music

  2. My aunt would talk about her cousin Bert Mc Clean so could you imagine the excitement of reading and listening to something of his band
    Never met him as we were told is that he went to Australia to live.
    Thank you for sharing


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