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Friday, August 18, 2017

Latin Moods - Jerry Mayeron

Latin Moods
Jerry Mayeron And His Orchestra
SOMA MG 1212

From the back cover: This array of 6 mambos and 5 bolero selections, designed to give listener or dancer a careful balance of stylings, featuring Jerry Mayeron and his Mamborchestra. Long prominent in the musical realms of Minneapolis and St. Paul, maestro Mayeron and his group are eminently qualified as even the briefest of samplings will testify. Their infectious melodies are sure to set you swaying and rocking to the irresistible bongo beat – and at the same time conjuring up a vision of darkly handsome Latin and skirt swirling senoritas. The Mayeron Mamborchestra is comprised of performers whose backgrounds are as imposing as their music is enjoyable.

Jerry Mayeron, for a decade and a half, as been a piano stylist of note. Mainstay of the organization's unique personality is Mel Paster, percussionist par excellence. Others include Bibby Bastien on bass, Ronnie Rochat on trumpet, Carl Have on accordion, Buddy Moore on bongo and Don Anderson doubling on sax and harp.

Imaginative and distinctive arrangements set this small combo Latin project apart from the competition in what was likely a late 50s pressing, judging by the cover art.

Ebb Tide
J.C. Mambo
Autumn Leaves
Ronnie's Mambo
Speak Low
Quien Sera

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