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Friday, August 18, 2017

A Little Spice Sung By Faye Richmond

My Man O' War
A Little Spice Sung By Faye Richmonde
Davis Records
Joe Davis Record Manufacturer
JD 101

From the back cover: Faye Richmond, is of the new blood. She is a charming person, beautiful, and a delightful singer. Born in a little steel mill town called Homestead, Pa., her ambition from childhood was to become a singer. She broke into show business during the jitterbug era. She entered a dancing contest with her brother and they won the Pennsylvania Tri-State contest. One of the prizes was a two week engagement at a local night club. From Then on they became professionals and toured the country with a band. Her first break came, when the singer with the band became ill and she substituted for her. From then on Faye has been playing night clubs throughout the country.

If I Can't Sell It, I'll Keep Sittin' On It
The Dentist Song
Naggin' Will Not Hold A Man
She's Nine Months Gone From Home
Handy Andy
I Want A Man To Gimme Some Luck
Come Up And See Me, Anytime
Find Out What They Like, And How They Like It
Keep Your Nose Out Of Mama's Business
If You Can't Get Five, Take Two
Never Brag About Your Man
My Man O' War


  1. Faye Richmonde (or Richmond) died in 1959 in a Philadelphia hospital from complications that developed following the birth of her third child. Not her on the cover

  2. any chance of post a link for the entire lp...please please

  3. i can not find this anywhere to download...i have not got money to buy it...would you please send me a link for this lp.

  4. a simple "no" would be good or "yes"...atleast i would know someone heard me. being ignored is not cool.

    1. Sharing is a problematic for many reasons. "No" sounds rude without an explanation... The list of reasons for why I do not share is a long one... there is no good answer to your question.


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