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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Music For Non Thinkers - Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band

Second Hungarian Rhapsody
Music For Non-Thinkers
Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band
RCA Victor LSP-1721

I love music that is made with the intentions of being good, like a "song poem", with results that can rocket to badtastical levels pretty quickly. However, I'm not a big fan of music made to sound bad in an effort to be "funny". However, this set made me laugh out loud more than once. Not at how "bad" the music is... but at how amazingly talented the musicians had to be to perfectly destroy the type of music they attack on this album. Truly a fantastic effort that sounds as fresh today as it did when it was recorded.

From the back cover: In the interest of peace and harmony, this album was recorded on Sunday, December 29, 1957, on the main floor of Grump's store in San Francisco. The Herr Doktor Guckenheimer is in reality Richard Grump, widely known merchant, author, artist and serious composer. The recording equipment was installed in Grump's famed Steuben Room. Mr. Grump is pleased to announce that sonic breakage of this valuable glass was kept at a minimum.

Second Hungarian Rhapsody
Grad aus dem Wirthaus Katarina Polka
In M√ľnchen steht ein Hofbrau Haus
Um die Ecke rum
In der Heimat da gibt's ein Wiedersehen
Star and Strips Forever
Raymond Overture
Komme ein Birdie Yet
Gruss aus Minneapolis
Der Juss (II Bacio)
Made wasch dich
Rheinwein Polka
Come Vere The Band Ist Playing

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  1. Beautifully arranged. This would be great music to play at the end of a party you've hosted. The last stragglers won't leave and you want to go to sleep.


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