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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Symphony Jazz Quintet

Symphony Jazz Quintet
Recorded at Gilfoy Sound Studios - Bloomington, Indiana
Mastered and Manufactured by The Custom Fidelity Company - Hollywood, California
Liben Music Publications - Cincinnati, Ohio

Marie Speziale - Trumpet
Paul Piller - Trombone
Frank Proto - Bass and Piano
Robert Bradley - Bass and Valve Trombone
David Frerichs - Drums and Tablas

From the back cover: The Symphony Jazz Quintet is a group of musicians from the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. The group was originally formed in 1966 as a diversion (the way some symphony musicians from string quartets, trios, woodwind quintets, etc.) from the large orchestra scene. Things were fairly simple then. A session at somebody's house or teaching studio just playing some standard tunes or blues changes was about the extent of it. A local newspaper reporter thought it would be a great idea, if the group were to give a concert and set one up at the University of Cincinnati. For the occasion Frank wrote a few arrangements and a couple of original compositions. The concert was so successful that the Quintet was booked for another one immediately. After the second concert the group was appointed Ensemble In Residence at the University's College Conservatory of Music. Since then the Quintet has been featured regularly with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and has built up, in addition to a very extensive and varied concert repertoire of its own, a huge library of material that features them as soloists with the Orchestra.

The album is mentioned in a September 2, 1972 Billboard article covering Cincinnati entertainment as the Symphony Jazz Quintet's first album.

Prelude And Ednabaras - Frank Proto
From The Diary Of A Fly (Bela Bartok transcribed by Frank Proto)
Abstraction In Three Parts - Frank Proto

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